Welcome to The Spirit Level

My name is Melanie Mahmood, and I'll be your guide on this spiritual journey.


Since early childhood, I have been aware of Spirit and began my formal Psychic and Mediumship development in my teens. Never quite "fitting in." Always feeling "different," I initially tried hard to conform but Spirit had other ideas!

Sound familiar?

Now, happily a star shaped peg in the square hole - I am dedicated to assisting and supporting others with mindfulness and love, in their spiritual development and journey.


Book a Reading

I can conduct many different types of spiritual readings for you, including:


  • Live online Tarot readings 

  • Personal recorded Tarot readings

  • Mediumship readings

  • Personal Numerology Reports

Face to face, in person readings are now available, with the easing of lockdown restrictions. In the first instance, readings in South Yorkshire can be undertaken via this method.

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