Crystal Corner

Crystals have their own unique energies and vibrations and personalities so it was a natural addition to The Spirit Level Podcast, that I would have a little section all about my passion for crystals. Our ancestors were also drawn to the power of crystals and used them for adornment and healing purposes – so the practice is as old as recorded time and we are still using them every day today in industry and medicine, in computers and lasers.

Every crystal described and discussed on the podcast is now available for you to own and cherish. Every crystal purchased from The Spirit Level Crystal Corner will be cleansed and personally supercharged with Reiki energy by me – programmed especially for you at no extra charge.

I can also offer a personal prescription service, using my knowledge and intuitive skills – you can contact me directly with the issues or situation you would like support with and I will select the crystals that will provide you with the best support and energy  - just for you!