It’s been a while my darlings, it’s been a tough few weeks tbh, lost 3 souls’s in three weeks and even for someone who absolutely knows there is life after life, it’s been hard because I will miss these soul energies and I feel it quite badly. Already had some messages through that they have arrived safely and so thankful to my guides for this.

So this weekend, due to the tier 2 business, my mediumship course has been put online and Spirit have not disappointed. This has been totally new to me but I have been able to get detailed messages and connections through despite, kitten action, neighbours doing renovations and constant distraction. It’s been a proper trial of mind over noise! But I did it! it’s been a proper new experience and tech related too - Spirit never ceases to amaze me, truly.

Also had lots of positive feedback from previous readings and lots of messages from my loved ones giving positivity and support for all the hard work I’m trying my very best to do as well as my “day job”.

I am absolutely exhausted now and ready for an early bath and bed - so glad I book Mondays off after a weekend of Spirit work as need to rest and have a much deserved lay in. I hope you’re all keeping positive and safe and sending you big loves. Mxxxx

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