A night time visit......

So as promised last week, I had a very interesting encounter I wanted to share and see what you think...

I woke up to find a small blonde boy of about 4 years of age standing at the side of my bed, just standing and looking at me. I reached out my hand and took his and told him everything was alright. He climbed over me and laid behind me and I could feel his arm around my waist. The child began to squeeze/ hug me tight but began to squeeze so hard I could not breathe. It was not sinister or frightening, just felt like being hugged by someone who didn’t know their own strength.

I then woke up again and I could still feel the pain across my back and was completely out of breath. I could sense my Grandfather In the room, so I was not afraid (he’s my guardian and protection) and all I felt was love.

I have my own thoughts about what happened and why but sent it out to my spooky colleagues who had their ideas as to the reason I was blessed with a spirit child visitation - what do you think / feel about this event? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Loves yah! Mxxxx

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