Episode 2 is in the can.....

I hope you’re all safe and warm wherever you are- I had to buy a heater for the loft yesterday so we could record the next episode of The Spirit Level podcast today. Good job I did as it’s never got above freezing and the loft is the only unheated room in the cottage! Either that or spirit was keeping it cool! There have been definite spooky incidents Chez Mahmood this weekend, including whilst recording the next episode.

The podcast studio is actually in the loft and to reach it you need to climb a ladder. So whilst recording I kept hearing the ladder creaking and rummaging going on in the room below...... thinking the naughty kitten Binxy had got into the room and was going to try and get up into the loft - and we’d never get him down, I looked down the hatch and nothing....! Definitely being listened too! So thats episode 2 done and about to uploaded. This week it’s all about Amethyst, The Fool in the Tarot cards and questions about the difference between being psychic and mediumship. Hope you can join me and enjoy - please subscribe so you don’t have to go searching for new episodes. Mr M battling with the sound effects but as soon as he’s done it’ll be available - sometime this evening. I’m off for a cheeky Shiraz, I’ve earned it today! Stay safe and warm, loves yah 💕🍷😘Mxxx

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