Finding opportunity in disappointment......

Updated: Feb 23

So as you know, the podcast is going really well ( thank you sooo much for listening!) and Crystal Corner is fast becoming a favourite part of the show and my lovely listeners have been in touch wanting to know where to get the crystals I talk about from.

So to help support this and to try and get some sponsorship for the show -to help with the running costs- I contacted a well known website to ask if they would be interested. Not so much as an acknowledgement- nothing - nowt! How rude!

But then I had a total brainwave......what’s stopping me from selling them myself- direct to my lovely listeners?? Turns out nowt! So I’ve spent all my birthday money on the best Grade A crystals I have been able to find, (only the best for my buddies)

Just small amounts to start with to see how it goes. And because I can purchase wholesale - I’ve been able to get some amazing stones at really brilliant prices, which I can pass on to you! Everyone‘s a winner- except the shall remain nameless ignoramus’s at the well known website!! Ha ha ha!

So I have next week off from the day job, which will be spent setting up the ”Crystal Corner“ shop on the Spirit Level website! Hurrah! Oh and decorating the living room- (boo!)

Every crystal discussed on the show will (supplies and decent price permitting) be available for people to own and cherish. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to help folks build their own crystail collections. I hope it brings as much joy, pleasure and healing to others as it has to me.

I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, stay safe and smiling. Love yah!

Mel xxxxx

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