Fingers crossed.........

What a weekend! The Uffington mediumship mentoring group finally managed to meet again and what an amazingly positive and spiritual time we’d had. I experienced clairgustance for the first time- I psychically experienced a taste, delivered by Spirit, of a soul’s favourite drink! It was amazing! I also received some lovely messages from my beloved Grandparents and Alan, my guide, was working very hard in taking me through the next steps. Thanks Al. But the best bit for me was when my Tutor read my Aura colours and told me that I was busy building something, which was growing and that it would expand exponentially and would become my full time occupation! Exactly what I have been praying for 🙏💗I’m so excited!! It is my soul’s purpose and I love, love, love my work with the Spirit world and so I’m so privileged and honoured to serve.

I hope you’re all okay and keeping safe and happy 😊 have a great week and I should have some news about podcasting next week. Loves yah!

Mel xxxxxxx

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