Full Moon and not a minute too soon.....

Goodness what a roller coaster this last two weeks has been, so I’m glad to hit the pause button to honour this full moon, the Worm Moon and first of four big super moons, this year. This ones in Libra so all about relationships and connection. Lots of manifesting to do to boost The Spirit Level and get the message and love of Spirit out there and to the World. It’s very much needed in this time of uncertainty and changes, which whilst people are looking for- are at the same time fearing. Never have us light workers been needed more to support this massive shift in the collective psyche and I am happy and honoured to be at the vanguard- serving as best I can both in the day job and via The Spirit Level. I hope you are all safe and well and keeping positive. Keep sending out the positive vibes to the world. Love you loads Mxxxx

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