"I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMille....."

Oh my goodness how things have developed! My very first online beginners course has been written and uploaded and now we're filming the video lessons to accompany the written content, then my baby is ready to be sent out into the Universe to find those souls in need of guidance and support on their spiritual journey - I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM!!!!

I'm not kidding the content of the course is the distillation of about 10 years of my own training and £1000's I've paid for courses over the years- all in 8 lessons and for a truly ridiculously cheap price - but it's not about the money for me - it's about getting the knowledge out there for those that want and need it. I am wanting the next generation of light workers reached and empowered because believe me, we are going to be needing them to step up!!!!!!! I might let you have a sneaky peak on one of the videos when it's been watch this space!!!! Loves Yah. Mxxxx

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