Interesting times my friends.....!

Well Hello!!

As you are aware my dear friends we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the likes of which has not been seen in living memory. Many people are frightened, worried and anxious about their friends, family, work and the future - and rightly so.

Life will never be the same again - this I can promise you. Work and how we do it - has changed. What we value - has changed. But I ask you not to be fearful of this change my friends as change is generally good! Yes it can be uncomfortable and scary but what will come from this disaster is hopefully, a new way of moving forward and living together as a global community. A more conscious and caring way for all. Where everyone is considered and cared for and provided with equal opportunity.

From this enforced period of isolation and social distancing has been born "The Spirit Level".

Having wanted and waited for years to set up my own business, this period of isolation has afforded me the time and head space to start!! So here's the beginning my friends, of what I hope will become a beacon and source of light and hope to anyone struggling out there. For those who want to start their own spiritual journey or who have already started and want to join a like minded community. Where all questions can be asked in good faith and support will be given.

Next year, I plan to set up online teaching courses with webinars

and eventually in person at actual venues, to help and support the next generation of light workers engage with the world of Spirit and expand their own psychic and mediumship skills. In the meantime I will be offering this blog and setting up some free videos on all aspects of Spirituality; from auras to crystals, Runes to Tarot- whatever the spirit moves and guides me to do! But willing to take your requests and questions - so just email me!

Wishing you and yours love, light, healing and protection.

Mel xxx

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