It’s been emotional......

A good few years ago a newly made acquaintance asked me if I’d like to go on a horse trek with her through the local woods. I hadn’t been on the back of a horse for years but was confident I knew what I was doing, had remembered how to hold the reins etc and I was keen to cement the friendship - so off we trotted. About half way round, my horse got spooked and just set off- full gallop and totally out of my control.

Absolutely nothing I could do except try and stay calm and hold on for dear life.

Me and the horse eventually got back safely but boy was I sore for about a week after.

And this is how I feel after last week! Survived but sore.

When things are beyond your control - in my case finding out if your (day) job still exists due to the whole service being up for re-tender, whilst also feeling the dreadful effects of the 2nd Covid jab, the only thing I could do was try to stay positive and support the team, which I hope I did. Turns out the outcome was not so wholly unexpected but still a wrench.

So this weekend I’ve had a little bit of a break and some much needed self care time to heal, re-centre and gather my thoughts about my next steps, just in time for the new moon and new moon wishes.

Taking time out is not just prudent but necessary sometimes and I hope that if anything comes from the enforced lock downs we have all experienced recently, I hope that having space to think and check in with what and how we feel about things/ events is something that continues, instead of constantly being on the go and feeling time pressured into making long lasting decisions.

I hope you and yours are all well and you have a positive week.

Love and light darlings, Mxxxx

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