I have news.....

OMG I have new exciting news my darlings. It all started with Mr M mentioning about podcasts. Well to be honest, I couldn’t say I knew that much about them so I did some home work and started to get really excited - like bubbly tummy - I’ve got to do this excited!!! So from one comment it’s gone from a “mmmm?” to a “Let’s do this baby!”

It’s mega early days yet but the equipment has been purchased and is on its way - happy dance, happy dance - a bit more organising and I’ll be ready to record- whoop whoop. I’m thinking music, book reviews, discussions on all matters spooky and spiritual, I’m thinking interviews, Q&A’s, a bit of teaching Tarot, phone in readings, I’m thinking all matters metaphysical - simply cannot wait to invite you all to join me!! So watch this space and I’ll keep you posted on progress. In the meantime, stay safe, stay happy. Loves yah! Mxxxx

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