No rest for the wicked.....

Well so much for a week off eh? Have not stopped and so the Beginners course is soooo very nearly finished and I am soooo excited!!! Have uploaded the course content and all the downloads now just have 8 lesson videos to shoot.....🤩🥰😍. 4 website vids down 8 lesson vids to go- I have learned so much tech stuff in the past few months and finally feel comfortable with how to do stuff now. The weirdest thing I’ve learnt.......I can’t be scripted - genuinely has to be me, off the cuff, honest and true. Tried to write scripts and film- disaster every single time! When it’s just me, sharing my knowledge, sharing my passion for this weird and wonderful stuff - it just flows, so natural, so on it, so fabulous darlings!! Cannot wait to show you a sneaky peak....hope you’re all taking care of yourselves, keep safe and loves yah!! Mxxxx

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