Old dog -new tricks!!!

So this week has been a week off from the day job and I'm hoping I have used it wisely. I've updated the website and added some lovely feedback from my clients but the really exciting stuff has been in front of camera!!! We are all so visual these days and so I thought it would be good idea if I could add some little videos to the website and Facebook etc. So I bought a lighting set and myself and His Lordship- Mr M, have been learning about lighting, sound and editing. I'm so excited that we can now offer personalised recorded readings, which just feel so more natural to do and get into the flow of. This has then morphed into learning about YouTube channels and this feels like it is the next natural step - whoop whoop - so much to do -so much to think about!!!! All still in the planning phase and still thinking about whether to just concentrate on Tarot or run the full gamut of all things spiritual, spooky and healing. Watch this space for news.....

In the meantime - Hello and a huge welcome to my new subscribers - great to have you on board and please have a look and feel free to join us at The Spirit Level Facebook page - our spiritual community for all things mindful, positive, spiritual and spooky. Where anyone is free to ask anything for the benefit of their own spiritual journey or path. It's an amazing collective of light workers, healers and carers, with an extraordinary amount of experience, which I am genuinely, truly proud of.

See you there and hope you are managing to get out and into the sunshine. Stay safe and sending a virtual hug to you all! Love and light - Mel xxxxx

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