OMG it's alive.......!

Well what a week! So all the crystals arrived safely and I’m absolutely delighted with the quality so that was a weight off. My only slight hiccup was the Rose Quartz- just a bit too small in my opinion so have decided to give them away as a free gift with any purchase. I love this idea so much I think I’ll make it a permanent thing and just buy in some larger stones next time!

So the rest of the week has been me and Mr M setting up the online shop with lots of photos, descriptions and decisions to be made- a few minor communication issues but I blame the full moon and all has turned out amazing! First dry runs of purchasing and posting have been lovely and smooth so today is the day it all goes live. And you are the first to know my lovelies.

My absolute favourites are the Power Bracelets, they are so gorgeous and their energies are beautiful too. Have a look and see what you think - tab on the top right - Crystal Corner will take you straight there.

I have also got some of every crystal I have already mentioned on the podcast and the ones I will be talking about in the future and also a few ones I love and couldn’t resist adding just for you. Next episode will be out tonight at 5pm and hope you are all staying safe and keeping positive. I’ll keep you posted as to how goes, fingers crossed for me!

Loves yah!

Mel xxxx

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