So another day indoors.....

So going into the second week of isolation my friends and how are you managing??? As with all things in life how we cope is as a directly result of how we perceive. WTH are you on about Mel, I hear you cry! Let me explain.

In all matters, there are two ways to perceive a situation. One way is negative, fearful and comes from an egocentric position. "We're doomed Mr Mainwaring!!" It sits and sulks and feels sorry for itself! Which is fine for awhile but not very productive or helpful in the long run.

The other comes from a positive, heart centred place and tries to gain positively from the situation. So how can we all benefit from the current situation?? Well that's your call my friend, what have you always wanted to do?? ( Within the bounds of the physical restrictions, of course) but didn't have the time? Read that book? Paint that picture? Decorate that room? By doing the positive we make the environment we are in more positive and ultimately ourselves more positive too!

So far I've listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos, painted the bathroom (and myself!) sorted out the attic and helped family with items for their new home. I've nearly and am still very tempted to buy a digital piano.......! I'm also teaching myself new techy skills to eventually help me to help you in your spiritual learning. So use this time wisely as we may never get this opportunity again! Hoping you are all keep safe and sane. Sending you much love and light.

Mel xxx

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