The Age of Aquarius

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you are all safe, staying safe and had as best a festive time as you could in the circumstance.

Well the end of the year saw me truly exhausted and rung and out on every level, so I took some time to rest and recharge, especially on a spiritual level as the much anticipated new age has begun.

So what does this all mean?! Well as we saw last year and we all have felt, there has been a definite shift in global consciousness, it’s early days but this change is needed. It’s not about equality anymore, the human race needs equity not equality to grow. The people are starting to question the lies and manipulation of the media and Government, who look after their own at the expense of the general greater good. And whilst the 1% will desperately try to cling on to this power, it is anticipated that the 3.8% will begin to turn the tide. Because that is all it takes to affect positive change, 3.8% and the desire and will to claim it.

Change is good and desperately needed. As the great and much missed Bill Hicks stated, there is absolutely no need for anyone, man, woman or child to be without on this planet, but only if we choose love instead of fear. Spend money on people instead of weapons. Food and shelter instead of guns.

So my challenge this year as ever, is to ignore the fear mongering constantly shoved at us to keep us under control and to choose love and compassion instead, working in my small way to help and support those in need and wait for the CE5 contact!!

So to light workers everywhere, look after each other and start building your energies as we will be needed more than ever in this new age.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness for 2021 and always,

loves yah!

Mel xxx

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