The true measure of self acceptance........

is apparently being able to hear your recorded voice and not cringe, so this week has been a crash course in self acceptance having spent several days of Mr M editing the first of many little videos for the website. I now no longer cringe!

What has been really interesting is seeing the difference in how information comes across. Let me explain. I had a lot of info I wanted to get in and got so flustered by it all - I fluffed lines and generally could not get into a flow. The result? The film looked contrived and "jumpy" because we then had a go at filming it in bits. However, when I'd "winged it"and did it all from the heart and stopped worrying about the content and exact wording etc - it just flowed better and looked wayyy more natural and much more "me". Lesson learned there I think. So much to His Lordship's annoyance.... we're doing it all again, natural stylee! Can't wait to share it with you. Have a great day, loves yah! Mx

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