Well that’s episode 4 in the can......

Mr M decided that we needed to get Sunday‘s episode done early this week because we need a rest over the weekend after a busy time of it. So yesterday evening was a bit of a rush - not least because his Lordship managed to accidentally delete the intro! So it had to be done again- but it sounded better fourth time around! !!

This week I have interviewed Stephen Smith -who will be joining me in Episode 5 and 6 for a chat about how Covid restrictions have had some unexpected positive benefits for his yoga business. He’s just such a lovely guy with a lovely vibe, which I hope comes across in the interview.

Today I’m interviewing the gorgeous, inside and out, Rachy A Bayford - amazing psychic medium and crazy crystal lady just like me! So much for a quiet restful weekend 🤣😂🤣 I don’t do rest!

So we now have some interviews in the bag for plenty of future episodes and I’m trying to line up a very very special guest........more news on this later- watch this space and 🤞🙏🤞

I hope you are all keeping safe and warm and thank you all for your support in building The Spirit Level community. Sending you all a big virtual hug, love and light 🥰💕🥰

Mel xxxx

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