Work in progress.........

I've been a bit quiet for a wee while but this does not mean I have been resting on my laurels!! Busy, busy, busy. I have very nearly finished writing the beginners course and I can't wait to share it with you!!! So all you budding intuitive psychics and mediums out there - watch this space....

This very morning I took delivery of a 6 in 1 studio lighting set, so I can start recording my own little videos for the website and Facebook, who knows if it goes well I'll stick em up on YouTube too. All very exciting and will no doubt be testing my electrical/ technological skills to the max but I do love a challenge.

I hope you are all well and coping marvellously with this extended period of reflection and using it to find your focus and passion. What do you want your new chapter to look like? Please get in touch and let me know. The website now has links to Twitter and Facebook - Insta coming soon once I work out how to do it LOL!

Love and light to you all.

Mel xxxxxxx

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