You cannot give from an empty cup.....

Sorry I’ve been not posted in a while but I’ve had to take a bit of a step back to recharge the spiritual batteries as this last few weeks has seen me covering for others at the ”day” job and His Lordship deciding he wants two cricket practices per week! I’m knackered!! So I’ve slowed right down, doing lots of self care and meditation to raise my energy and even whilst writing this -Spirit have popped in to give an urgent message to a friend, which has just been verified too, they even rang her on my phone which was on the kitchen table, I was in the other room- Spirit never ceases to amaze me......It’s non stop but I love it and glad my energy is back up and helping out.

Also had an encounter with a spirit child the other night which was really something else.........I’ll save this story for next week.......stay safe, stay happy, loves yah😘😘😘


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